Všechovice - Chateau

Chateau Všechovice stands in the middle of the village of the same name and is surrounded on two sides by a park. It has been listed as a cultural monument since 1958. The first mention of the existence of a local fortified manor house is from 1376, when Vok of Kravaře acquired the Všechovice fiefdom. It was also owned between 1431 and 1438 by Jan Jiskra of Brandýs and Všechovice.

In 1583 the manor house and village were bought by Jan the Elder Želecký of Počenice. At the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries the Želecký family began the construction of a Renaissance chateau on the site of the old, fortified manor house and established a park. In 1808 Všechovice chateau was bought by the Austrian knight Ferdinand Stücker von Weyershof who had the Baroque chateau rebuilt into a Classical family residence. After 1945 the chateau was taken over by the Local National Committee of Všechovice and used as a primary school. Destructive alterations to the building were carried out and the chateau began to deteriorate even more.

After the events of 1989, the restitution proceedings and several property changes, the chateau was acquired by its current owner Jaroslav Mikl. In the years following 2006 he undertook an extensive reconstruction of the chateau and the adjacent park and had a so-called „Project for the Preservation of a Cultural Monument“ drawn up. Between 2009 and 2019 the roof was reconstructed, the chateau cellar was remediated, and brick walls with a brick bastion were built. Windows have been replaced and the plaster work in all the rooms in the chateau stripped down. The facade of the left wing was newly repaired as were the other sides with additional building elements such as decorative cornices or rosettes. The Empire style balcony, with sandstone railings and supported by prismatic columns, was rebuilt. All the ceiling stucco decorations were also expertly reconstructed, and the chateau chapel will once again have its place in the chateau. It is also worth mentioning a remarkable Renaissance well which has already been completely restored. After expert restoration, a monument to Euphemia Želecká was placed in the western part of the park not far from the pool, which is enclosed with decorative ironwork. The surroundings of the pool and the paths in the park are lined with period lamps and benches and the ubiquitous greenery adds pleasantly to the overall impression. Professional treatment of the trees was carried out and new greenery has been planted. A special feature are the beds of rhododendrons and fine examples of solitaire trees and shrubs.

A pleasant dominant feature of the park is a gazebo with a terrace, where cultural and social events take place. For example, in cooperation with the municipality, in the summer there are film screenings and fairs, performances of music groups and theatre ensembles, celebrations such as the welcoming of new citizens, wedding ceremonies, as well as other social or corporate events. The park is accessible to the public.

Všechovice - Chateau

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