CASTLE Skalice-Bohumilice

Chateau Skalice-Bohumilice
Located in the southern part of the village Bohumilice.
Built in 1549 by the Malov family. In 1923 the chateau was bought by Mr. F.Holoubek, the owner of the company
Saponia in Prague. It is now owned by his granddaughter, Mr. Zdenka Hiršlová.
The chateau adjoins the chateau park and the farmyard, which today serves as a riding school.
The Church of the Holy Trinity, originally from the 13th century, is located in Bohumilice.
The castle is partially accessible.
Horseback Riding – Riding School
Tel. 777157600, email: info@ zamek .. Veronika Konvalinková

Weddings (civil and church)
Guided tours of the chateau (by telephone)
Tel. 737282331, email: .. Vladimir Hirsl

Occasional concerts
Every October – Hubert’s ride


It is located in the southern part of the village Bohumilice, Prachatice region, between the villages of Čkyně and Vimperk.It is accessible by bus and railway to the village Bohumilice, near the chateau is parking. In 1850-1875 Thun-Hohenstein, 1875-1923 Lumbe von Malonitz. In 1923 Mr. Ferdinand Holoubek, owner of the company Saponia in Prague-Nusle, bought the chateau. In the years 1950-1996 here “farmed” State farms Vimperk.V r.1996 the castle returned to the ownership of the family Holoubků, now it owns granddaughter. F.Holoubka, Mr. Zdenka Hiršlová-Voženílková. The facade is adapted to the last, classicist form. The ground floor of the chateau is open to the public. The floor of the chateau serves the family, in the older part were accidentally discovered in 1998 in 2 rooms Renaissance painted beamed ceilings. The chateau is adjacent to the English-style park, in recent years reconstructed.V area is also a large farm yard with stables Schwarzenberg type. Today it serves as the headquarters of a family company that operates a riding school. Since 1996, the current owner has been repairing and magnifying the chateau and the entire premises, under the supervision of conservationists. The wooden chateau winter garden-veranda, a pond with an island and a wooden footbridge were restored to its original state. For this effort was in 2006p. Z.Hiršlová awarded by the European Association of Monuments (EHH) special distinction.In the village Bohumilice is the Church of the Holy Trinity, originally from the 13th century.In the vicinity of the castle fell the largest iron meteorite in Europe, 57 kg heavy. It was found in 1829 and is stored in the National Museum in Prague. The copy can be seen in the chateau museum.